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Chapter 1: Introduction Many studies have shown that the price and sales promotions have significant impact on the consumer brand choice, purchase time and purchase quantity decision (Gupta, Journal of Marketing Research, 1988). Sales promotion consists of short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of a product or services (Kotler, Armstrong, Agnihotri, & Haque, 2013). Short-term inducement can be cashed discount, bonus, schemes, coupons, exchange offer,etc. Sale promotion is one of the key elements in the marketing mix for many consumer products worldwide that has been used in order to stimulate consumer purchases (Esfahani & Jafarzadeh, 2012). Marketers are shifting their attention to sales promotion rather than other promotional tools such as advertisement. The increasing use of sales promotions has…show more content…
Commercial vehicle includes bus, trucks, pickup vehicles, chassis, etc. This research will be conducted on Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd, which is one of the biggest company of Nepal and an authorized dealer of TATA Motors in Nepal. This research will focus on the commercial vehicle business unit (CVBU) of Sipradi which is situated in Thapathali, Kathmandu. A commercial vehicle business unit of Sipradi deals with the commercial vehicle of TATA Motors. They sell the vehicles such as Tata Wingger, Tata Marcopolo Bus, Tata Xenon, Tata Ace, Tata Star Bus Ultra and many more. Sipradi has always used huge promotional tools and advertisement to compete from its competitors. Their major competitors in term of commercial vehicle are Eicher, Mahendra, Swaraj Mazda and Ashok Leyland. Seasonal Schemes, discount coupon, exchange offer, cash discount are the major promotional tools used in this sector. Other factors such as after sales services, commission, brand image etc. is also the other major forces that has impact on sales of the

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