Sir Alex Ferguson Teamwork Analysis

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Sir Alex Ferguson married Cathy Holding in 1966. They met in 1964 during a strike meeting at the Remington factory in Glasgow. Cathy said she thought Sir Alex was a gangster as he was the trade union delegate. They have three sons, Mark, Darren and Jason. Mark is a city trader, Darren is the manager of Peterborough United Football Club, and Jason is an event company boss. Sir Alex and Cathy have 11 grandchildren. Sir Alex lost both his parents to cancer. His father Alexander died from lung cancer at 66 in 1979 and his mother, Elizabeth, 64, died from the same disease in 1986. Because of his own heartbreak, Sir Alex is backing the Scottish Government lung cancer campaign. He also appeared in advertisement telling people how an early diagnosis can save their life and gives them extra time to spend with their loved ones. Sir Alex is known to be an avid reader. He has a huge collection of books and particularly interested in American history as well as assassinated U.S. President John F Kennedy. He even keeps a copy of JFK’s autopsy report. He bought the Warren Commission report signed by Gerald Ford (the former U.S. President) at an auction. He himself wrote his autography, titled ‘Alex Ferguson: My…show more content…
He values teams over the individual. He had assembled five different trophy-winning squads from scratch. He brought in young players and moved out senior players as he believed young players gave more loyalty. He coached his players to understand the strengths and limitations of their teammates. He ensured that each player can be replaced by another without upsetting the team’s balance. He acted quickly when he saw any players become a negative influence. He sold David Beckham to Real Madrid for £25m in 2003 after his public persona began to overshadow his playing career. He has positive attitude to change. He was willing to take risks of losing influential players to keep the club moving forward. He was certainly a master
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