Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Most Dangerous Game

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General Zaroff is like a demon that will haunt Rainsford forever. A guy named Rainsford fell off a yacht and swam to Ship Trap Island where General Zaroff set waiting for his next victim to wash up. When Rainsford arrived Zaroff decides that Rainsford will be a great player in his game. The game is where General Zaroff chases the people he traps at his island, through the woods and kills them once he finds them. Rainsford will never hunt again because being on the island with all the mortifying experiences, has scared him out of hunting forever. The mortifying experiences Rainsford had on the island have caused him to understand the meaning of being prey. One of the mortifying experiences Rainsford had on the island was that he now understands…show more content…
One thing that traumatized Rainsford, was having to go through the game. After going through the game, “Rainsford knew the full meaning of terror” (Connell 33). Rainsford became so traumatized after going through the game that he will never be able to bring himself to hunt again. Another thing is, when Rainsford was being hunted he felt so scared that he had to run for his life. Rainsford “ran for his life” during the game so he could stay away from General Zaroff. When Rainsford had to run for his life, this traumatized him; so because of this, he will never hunt again. A third example of him being traumatized is that when ever Rainsford thought about being caught, he got a bad feeling. Rainsford became “sick and numb” when he thought about being captured (Connell 33). Now, whenever Rainsford even thinks about hunting, he will be reminded of this traumatic experience and will not hunt. A final reason that Rainsford will not hunt again because he is traumatized is, when he thought about what the General would do to him, he got really scared. Whenever Rainsford thought about what the General would do, it would send “ a shudder of cold horror throughout his whole body” (Connell 33). He is traumatized because he doesn 't know why the General would do something like this people just for fun. Rainsford will never hunt again because of all the traumatizing experiences he faced while being on the
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