Sir Edmund Andros In Boston Essay

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A is incorrect, because the royal governor of the Dominion of New England Sir Edmund Andros was not popular in Boston. Prior to the royal governor’s arrival, the people of Boston were already agitated with the royal government for the restrictions being imposed on Massachusetts. First the Navigation Act requiring colonies to trade only through Britain limited the choice of trading that they were accustomed to. Then when the Massachusetts legislature declared that the Navigation Act had no legal standing in their colony the Lords of Trade annulled the character of Massachusetts and absorbed Massachusetts into the Dominion of New England. The colonists of Boston were not thrilled by that, and their irritation only grew when their new authoritarian…show more content…
Sir Edmund Andros undermined and suppressed the town governments of the Dominion of New England, including the Massachusetts assembly. He decreased the authority of the Massachusetts assembly. C is correct, because the merchants, ministers, and militias of Boston arrested Sir Edmund Andros and his aides to remove him from power once word of the Glorious Revolution reached them. The colonists figured that if the people of England could remove a hated leader then they could remove their hated governor. Sir Edmund Andros was deposed as a result of the Glorious Revolution, but shortly after the new monarchs installed new royal governors in an attempt to reassert royal authority. D cannot be correct, because the strange behavior of several adolescent girls in Salem village initiated the persecution of Salem’s witches. Also, the Glorious Revolution was during 1688 and ended before the witchcraft hysteria in Salem began in the winter of 1691 to 1692. So by then Sir Edmund Andros had been deposed and a new governor replaced him. In addition, Salem Village no longer belonged to the Dominion of New England which Sir Edmund Andros governed, but instead the more recent Massachusetts Bay Colony with an entirely new governor. Plus, Sir Edmund Andres mostly resided in Boston. Therefore, Sir Edmund Andros did not initiate the persecution
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