Sir Francis Drake Research Paper

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Sir Francis Drake was a famous navigator and ship captain from England. He had been roaming the earth by boat under Queen Elizabeth’s command since he was very young. Although, to fully understand Sir Francis’ life and accomplishments knowledge of his early life, famous jobs and assignments, and his circumnavigation of the globe. Francis Drake was born around 1544 ("Francis Drake, Sir." Encyclopedia). There is no known documentation of his birth, though when he received ownership of his first ship, Judith, he was 22 and this was in the year 1566 (Campbell 141). Robert Drake, his father, raised Francis and his 12 siblings in Tavistock, Devonshire to be strong Protestants ("Francis Drake, Sir." Encyclopedia). Being the oldest of 13 Francis…show more content…
Oscar Hartzell stated that he met con-artists and they told him of the shared fortune of Sir Francis Drake (Nash). He was born to a poor farmer and when his mother died and he inherited $6000 he quickly looked for a way to make that more (Nash). When it had been discovered that he had created a fake name for a brother of Sir Francis Drake and tried to claim money from it ( Nash). When the prosecutor came up to give a statement he states that everyone in the jury knows that every defendant’s representation is fake even the judge begged them to stop lying because it was all beginning to pile up on them ( Nath; “21”). The judge followed by stating, “Go to your homes and along the highways and byways and tell them (contributors to the estate fund) that the court has judicially found that there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow," he wanted to tell them this was not going to end the way they had wanted it to, but they persisted yet and many were convicted of mail fraud ( Nash; “21”). They wanted money which was not Sir Francis Drake’s original purpose for his famous quests, accomplishments, and
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