Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Research Paper

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A Code of Conduct

In the Medieval era, aristocrats considered knights the nobility in feudal society. Arthurian Knights are equipped with weapons and armor, while partaking in violence and bloodshed. As highly skilled fighting men, they hold power over other members of society. The only way to restrain a knight’s actions is through chivalry, or a code of conduct they have to follow. Without chivalry, Gawain, the “Prologue” knight and the “Wife of Bath’s Tale” knight would not have been able to call themselves knights. Despite the human flaws that each knight bears, all three knights represent knighthood and the chivalric code because of its importance in medieval society. The author of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” describes Sir Gawain as the “most courteous knight” (215) in Arthur’s court because he models chivalry ideally. Gawain’s chivalric traits
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Chaucer uses the “Prologue” knight to provide social commentary on the good in humanity. The Prologue knight “loved chivalry / Truth, honour, freedom and all courtesy / Full worthy was he in his sovereign’s war / Of mortal battles he had fought fifteen” (Chaucer 45-60). Chaucer gives the knight genuine praise to show the virtuous qualities he possesses. Similarly, Chaucer uses the knight in “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” to show the importance of honor. The knight shows honor when he promises the queen that he will find what women most desire, “In the end he chose to go away / And to return after a year and a day / Armed with such answer / As there might be sent to him by god” (Chaucer, 91-94). The knight accepts the challenge presented to him and stays true to his word despite the circumstances. Both the “Wife of Bath’s Tale” knight and the “Prologue knight show the standard of conduct that the nobility must
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