Sir Gawain Reflection

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Essay #2 Progressing through life, view the twist and turns on the path that must be followed. Why must these obstacles be placed where they are and what makes it different from a perfectly straight path? Playing a board game is just the same as the journey of life. It wouldn’t be the same if all of it was just one simple path. There would be no point of playing. There would be no way to challenge yourself and make it competitive. It would be nearly impossible to learn anything from it. Just as without other people there to test and trick, there would be no way to learn anything from failing or succeeding. Think about the idea of no redemption without fault as well as nothing to gain, nothing to teach. With these ideas, it is most definitely…show more content…
The value of fault depends on the reaction that follows it. Such as the honor Sir Gawain had received when he returned that proved that people had learned something from his mistakes. The green sashes King Arthur had declared every knight to wear in honor of him exemplifies the point he had tried to get across to the knights. He made it a point to recognize that humans will be human and they must honor that. Also, that Sir Gawain had no clue that he was going to live and he approached death with much courage which he can present to the knights for them to learn from. As Simon Armitage mentions, “For man’s crime can be covered but never made clean; once entwined with sin, man is twinned for all time.” With these words, it is easy to interpret Sir Gawain was trying to opine that he will possess his sin with him for all time to make sure he doesn’t repeat his mistakes. This emphasizes the conception that the value of this fault is eminently greater than the value of perfection. If the Lord of the Manor deemed Sir Gawain as perfect because he did not have any fault, Sir Gawain would not have come back to Camelot and received as much respect and people would not have a lesson to take away from this
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