Sir Gawain's Code Of Chivalry

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In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the code of chivalry affects Gawain's actions throughout the story. The code of chivalry that Gawain tries to follow is one of loyalty, courtesy, and courage. He shows his loyalty to Arthur at the beginning of the story, when the Green Knight challenges “any in [the] house”(286) to accept his game, everyone remains silent. He goes on to insult and laugh at Arthur and everyone else, which results in Arthur having to accept the challenge and “lay hold of [the Green Knight’s] weapon”(329) in order to defend his pride. Before Arthur can put the axe to use, Gawain asks if the “melee may be [his]”(343), because “[the] folly befits not a king”(359), and modestly claims to be “the weakest…and of wit the feeblest”(355).
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