Character Analysis: The Green Knight

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In this passage, this is the first time the Green Knight expresses his thoughts about Sir Gawain with great detail. The other times he speaks, he only says a few words. As the Green Knight condemns Sir Gawain 's for his bravery, he also draws attention to his wrongdoing. Despite Sir Gawain 's wrongdoing (Code of Chivalry), the Green Knight still considers him a brave man and explains his reasoning. The Green Knight 's responses to each of them shows he would be concerned with his own life just as Sir Gawain, if he was in the same situation. This passage has a lot of alliteration, which helps with the analyzing of each line. The first line states, "Because the belt you are bound with belongs to me" (line 2358). The Green Knight uses words that begin with the letter "b," to show his ownership of the belt. He purposely wants to emphasis his ownership to Sir Gawain. His emphasis of ownership is clear in this line because he states "bound" and "belong" in the same line. As we know, bound means there is a territorial limit on the belt. Then he uses the word "belong," which signifies the belt is his property. Despite Sir Gawain receiving the belt as a gift, the Green Knight reassure him that the belt is indeed his property. Overall, the belt is the Green Knight 's property either way. It was woven by his wife and it was a gift he never receives…show more content…
The Green Knight says he "know of the courtesies, and conduct, and kisses" (line 2360). He acknowledges that he 's aware of the kisses he received from his wife, for that is the reason he receives kisses from Sir Gawain. Despite Sir Gawain kissing the Green Knight 's wife, he goes on to say he is "the most faultless fellow on earth" (line 2364). The Green Knight continues to show he 's content with Sir Gawain 's continuous wrongdoing, since he was only acting this way to save his ow
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