Sir Gawain's Oppression Of Women

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“There’s nothing remarkable in their making a man foolish, in women winning men To sin, for Adam our father was deceived just so, and Solomon, and also Samson, Delilah was his death and later David Endured misery for Batheba’s beauty. Women ruined them: how wonderful if men could love them well, but never believe them!” (130). Ever since Adam & Eve days, females have been seen as femme fatale. As “An alluring and seductive woman, especially one who leads men into compromising and dangerous situations.”- (dictionary). Sir Gawain expresses his thoughts and advices his audience that it is ok to love woman but never believe their stories nor fall for for their seduction otherwise a permanent scar will be carried upon sinners. Not just a scar…show more content…
He discovered that she was married to Uriah the Hittite, but this did not stop him from sending for her and getting her pregnant. He then recalled Uriah from battle and pretended that Uriah was the father of Bathsheba’s baby. Uriah refused to go home to his wife, so David sent Uriah to the front lines of battle, where he was killed. David then married Bathsheba. When confronted by Nathan the prophet, David admitted his sin. In punishment, Bathsheba’s child died and David was cursed with the promise of a rebellion from within his own house. David sinned because he got with a married woman, and that did not stop him from wanting to be with her. David was aware that Bathsheba was married and instead of backing up, David led her husband to a path of secure death. Bathsheba and David soon conceived a second son, Solomon. The story doesn’t say if Bathsheba seduced David, then that would be a case of femme fatale, but for what I have read David is the one who fell in love with her at first sight and send for her. Not always women are the one to blame into mans misery, but man itself condemn themselves into a path of disgrace because they choose to sin. In this case scenario Bathsheba did not seduce David therefore David sinned as a choice of his own. But Bathsheba still gets blamed for David’s misery although she was just a women that did not intentionally try to get with David. But Sir Gawain use David’s…show more content…
As he slept, Delilah had his haircut and betrayed him. This is another example of femme fatale, a woman is this case “Delilah” whom seduces Samson leading to him losing his powers. Delilah not only seduces Samson but also betrays him in his sleep. Delilah knew that his power came from his long hair, she did not hesitate to cut his hair, to take his powers away. Samson story was the definition of femme fatale and also it is a story everyone should know. We all know that it was a fictitious story but it could also relate to nowadays. Samson power was his strength. But in real life a man could have fortune as money or social power. Whom he could lose through a woman, to trust them, when in reality they should not. They should love them but never believe them. As Sir Gawain
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