Sir Godfrey Kneller

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Sir Godfrey Kneller Kneeler is German born, but once he began his career as an artist he becomes an impactful English painter. He became England’s leading portraitist in the late 17th and early 18th century. Another contribution was that Kneller helped establish the first academy of art in England: in 1711. While Kneeler traveled around Italy he received advice from British merchants about the opportunities available for portraitist in England. He used many different formats for portraits throughout the years, however; his most significant work was his 40 portraits series of the Kit-Kat club. The pictures were inspired by Rafael and Rembrandt, and had an incredible likeness to the sitter and the background was free of decoration. The kit-cat series became famous and influenced many artists around Britain. In fact, several people had their portraits painted in similar ways and some of the series was reproduced in…show more content…
This is due to how he set up his class, it was like everyone had a specialist or an assistant. The class being large and organized is what made it seem most like a factory. Everyone was responsible for what they specialized in, such as someone who specialized in drapery would oversee perukes. Though there is little evidence to support this could be possible that he had a much less strict grip on the art academy than it may have seemed. Many young painters would help in his studio to help try and establish their individual careers. Though Kneller began his career as an outsider his presence as a portrait painter left an impression on the British art world. When he became the leading portraitist he never stopped working hard to get better as an artist. Kneller was not going to let a younger artist with less experience take over his position. It was this state of mind that helped him created the first art academy in

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