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The statue of Sir Isaac Newton junior is at Trinity College in Cambridge. Sir Isaac Newton was born in January 4,1643 in wools Thorpe by Colsterworth, United Kingdom. Also in his lifetime Sir Isaac Newton had discovered gravity. One day he was sleeping under a tree and he woke up when he got hit in the head by a apple falling from a tree. Then he was like how did that happen. Then he spent weeks in his home to test his theory that he came up with what we call now gravity. Most people think that Isaac Newton discovered gravity when he was hit on the head by a falling apple. This story is actually not true. People knew since the beginning. What Newton did was realize that the force of gravity follows
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Fact 3 In 1678, after engaging in a dispute over aspects of his theory of optics. Newton was believed to have a nervous breakdown. In 1693, he had another after which he retired from scientific research. Newton blamed his second breakdown on lack of sleep, though historians mention other possible causes, including chemical poisoning from experiments
Fact 4 newton was a helper on his fathers farm which was also Isaac Newton so technically sir Isaac Newton was a jr. sir Isaac Newton
Fact 5 Newton was a lonely guy some have peculated that he suffered from a mental illness (perhaps bipolar disorder) or autism. That’s hard to tell for sure but one thing that is clear is that Newton was chronically lonely.
Fact 10 when Newton died he died without being married and did not have children.

Personally I think Sir Isaac Newton’s life was very interesting with all the stuff he did and also very tragic and meaningless his life was and he gave us information about gravity and earth that was my opinion.
I think Sir Isaac Newton was proud of his work and all his genius inventions and discoveries.
Sir Isaac Newton received several awards in honors such as
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