Issac Newton: A Brief Biography Of Sir Isaac Newton

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Sir Issac Newton When one thinks of Isaac Newton, it is very common to assume they think of what this brilliant man is known for, finding out what gravity is. What many do not know, myself included until I did some research, is that Mr. Newton is a made of many talents and trades. Newton has accomplished so much more than just discovering gravity. He studied Mechanics, History, Religion, Chemistry, and even dabbled into publications in his lifetime. He has produced mind-boggling and astounding pieces of work that could only come from a genius. With Newton being such an intelligent man in basically every subject, it is a shame to think that most people consider the him to be just the main who coined the term 'gravity. '
Born in Woolsthorpe, Newton 's childhood was anything but ideal. He was born without a father, and his mother soon abandoned him in order to remarry. Years later, Newton found himself studying at the University of Cambridge. While he was at Cambridge, the bubonic plague unfortunately broke out. This plague caused Newton to move back close to his own hometown for two years and to focus on research of his own. According to the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematic Sciences, "he singled out 1665-1666 (spent largely in Lincolnshire because of plague in Cambridge) as "the prime of my age for invention". During two to three years of intense mental effort he prepared Philosophiae Naturalis Principia
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He has given everyone from his time and all the way to this very day a better understanding of the world that we live in and how it works. After reading the exponential amount of accomplishments Newton has achieved, I was truly astounded someone could be that intelligent in so many
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