Newton's Laws Of Motion Essay

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Sir Isaac Newton born in January 4, 1643 and he died in March 31, 1727 was an English physicist, philosopher, inventor, alchemist and mathematician, he described the law of universal gravitation and established the bases of the Classic Mechanics by means of the laws that take its name. The other scientific discoveries that he have are the work on the nature of light and optics and the development of mathematical calculus but I’m doing this proyect for writing about the three laws of motion so I just goin to write a little about the things he did in his live. Newton was the first to demonstrate that the natural laws governing motion on Earth and those governing the motion of celestial bodies are the same. He is described as the greatest scientist…show more content…
This is due to the reaction that the other person makes on us, even if he does not make the attempt to push us. It should be noted that, although the pairs of action and reaction have the same value and opposite meanings, they do not cancel each other, since they act on different bodies.Examples:First law of motion: 1. A parked car, would be an example of this law, since this is kept completely at rest (as I write before the state of rest is included in the first law of motion ). A car that goes at 100 km per hour, brakes, but passengers tend to go ahead.A pencil that is on the floor, stay there.Second law of motion:What speed a airplane should have to hold in the air could be an example in which the second law applies.The speed that a rocket needs to acquire in order to be able to be placed in orbit is another example.The calculation of the acceleration obtained by a free falling rock also reflects Newton's assertionThird law of motion:. A rocket also comes into operation thanks to Newton's third law as it moves through the effect of burnt gunpowder, which comes out in the opposite direction. When we try to push someone inside a pool (or any other
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