Sir John Monash Research Paper

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Sir John Monash: Sir John Monash was alive in WWI. He was a commanding general in the First world war. Today he is well honored by having a University named by after him. He was born on the 27th of June 1865 and he died on the 8th October 1931. He lived for 66 years until he died. He commanded the 13th brigade before the war, during the war he then commanded 4th brigade in Egypt, he was also part of the Gallipoli campaign. In May 1918 he started to command Australian Corps. He also planned out and commanded the battle of Amiens on the 8th of August 1918. Sir John Monash died in Melbourne on the 8th October 1931 from a heart attack. He was given a state funeral. An estimated 300,000 mourners came to the Funeral.
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