Sir Lancelot Research Paper

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Sir Lancelot was one of the most strongest most heroic medieval knights in the round table. King Arthur trusted Lancelot because he was known to never lose a fight, joust, or battle. Sir Lancelot was one of the most popular medieval knights in King Arthur’s court, and he was also very popular with the ladies. Lancelot was determined to fight his hardest for his king (King Arthur) and his loyalty and determination helped him to be chosen for a spot at the round table. Sir Lancelot , one of the most well known medieval knights fought for his; romance with Guinevere, his sword the Arondignt, and pushed for his quest of the Holy Grail. When Lancelot was growing up he didn't really have parents. His dad was King Ban and his mom was Elaine. Lancelot’s…show more content…
So the Lady of the Lake decides to send him to be apart in King Arthurs court under Sir Gawain. For a very long time Lancelot has been trying to prove to King Arthur that he is the greatest knight, and all of his time to prove to King Arthur that he is the best knight of them all he spends a lot of time at the castle and he always saw King Arthur’s wife Guinevere, an he starts to fall deeply in love with her. Like most romances in this time is forms very slowly, it was also very hard because Guinevere is still married to King Arthur. Although it was taking Guinevere quit a bit of time to warm up to Lancelot and fall deeply in love with him. Guinevere does not at first respond to Lancelots advances, but eventually gives in to his request. To get Guinevere off his mind Lancelot battles a number of men, and the Lady of the Lake helps him out with it . After his quest he lifts a slab with the name lancelot under it and he becomes known as Lancelot after this event he was known as The White Knight. After Lancelot one of King Arthur’s enemies, Galehaut convinces him to surrender. After this fight King Arthur finally thought that Lancelot was worthy enough to put him in the round table, and so he did that. Galehaut later convinces Guinevere to return to
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