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Sir Phillip Sidney was a well respected person for his intelligence and his political endeavors. Later on in his life he started work on poetry, one particular book he wrote was called an apology to poetry. It was one of the most important contributions to literature during the renaissance period. The book advocated a place for poetry within a aristocratic state. There was one quote in the book “sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge” I think he meant knowledge was something he loved and was dear to him, and should be dear to other people.

Montag goes to The fire station and finds Beatty waiting for him, Beatty invites him to play cards with the rest of the firefighters. During the card game Guy felt very guilty “ montag Felt the guilt of his hands his fingers were like ferrets that had done some evil and now never rested” this shows that montag feels very guilty about the books he has hidden. Beatty can read his guilt so he starts trying to make guy doubt his new discovered ideas. It 's obvious he 's trying to make guy slip
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I think Ray Bradbury uses the quote “ sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge” to show the readers a inner conflict with Beatty. Beatty obviously reads books because he can quote sir Philip Sidney, so he must know knowledge is power. Yet he keeps knowledge from the masses by burning books. This is the first indication that Beatty is pure evil. I think Ray Bradbury wanted to not only make Beatty represent the ideal firefighter in Fahrenheit 45, but also to have him be a symbol of the oppressive society that 's pure
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