Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D Arthur

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Sir Thomas Malory Sir Thomas Malory was indeed born in the year of 1405 but no one is sure of the date. He has a beautiful wife, her name is Elizabeth Walish. He was repeatedly imprisoned between 1451 and 1460, and possibly later. He wrote most of his books behind bars. Which made it impossible to publish while he was alive. His work was not published until after his death. Between 1450 and 1451 he was charged with several major crimes such as robbery, two cattle raids, several extortions, a rape, and attempted murder. He was in jail but escaped by swimming in a moat and right after his escape he robbed a few churches. Sir Thomas Malory snuck into the Abbey of the Blessed Mary of Coombe. He had opened two of the abbot 's chests, and stole many sacred objects and two huge bags which contained money. He came back the very next night with more people. Which they tore down at least eighteen doors and stole way much more money than the day before. He was again arrested and put in prison for three more…show more content…
Le Morte d 'Arthur is about the story of King Arthur and his Knights at a Round Table in his castle. Arthur, is the blood son of King Uther Pendragon. Which no one could find for many years of looking. Arthur was taken away as a baby by Merlin, as his father made a deal. Uther’s deal with merlin was that if he could be able to get his way with Ygroyne and become king and take over the castle but the baby was a mishap. The deal was Merlin could take the offspring if there was to be one. So Arthur was raised by another family his whole life. He finally takes his rightful bloodline place as king when, he is able to pull the sword called Excalibur from the stone. Which his father placed before he passed away from an ambush. Arthur became avidly when he was crowned the new king.The land speaks to the king, so when his father died the earth was miserable and gloomy. Once Arthur retrieved Excalibur earth seemed at peace once
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