Sir Tor's Life

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“Sir Tor my son get to work we need to get ready for dinner but with you fooling around and wanting to be a knight it won't happen.” As he trains after dinner to be a knight he imagines what the life would be like to be what he always dreamed of. His life was always pushed into being a farmer but he wouldn't budge, he wanted to be very different. His brothers and sisters judged him very long as he talked about what he would like to do other than farming.Sir Tor asked one day to his mother,
”what would it take for me to become a knight mother,”Said Sir Tor.
His mother said,”are out of your mind why can't you just be like your siblings where they just accept the job they are working on. But he had to get this job he had practiced so much
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His parents wouldn’t accept his offer for them to take him to Arthur and he would give half his money to them. His parents punished and made him work on the farm and would not let him practice to be a knight. But one day while he was working in the farm his mother said while he was gathering grain,
”I will take you to king Arthur to be Knighted.” Later on that day Sir Tor was taken to King Arthur to be knighted.It was a long walk because h=they lived out of the area of the caslte. But when they made it to the front of the caslte they were stopped by many guards that had to check them down for anything to hurt King Arthur.
“You may proceed into the castle” said the guard who had stopped them. When Sir Tor came he said to King Arthur standing at the end of the
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Sir Tor new being a knight would take a lot of work and he would do anything to become an amazing knight. Sir Tor knew what a knight he was. He knew his life was a special life, because he succeeded in his goal and there was nothing in his way. He fought and fought until the end and everyone one loved Sir Tor. Because every knight he would teach beginners the ways of a knight. One night when they were all in the castle eating singing and drinking. A sound was bursted through the air as if something was smashed, but suddenly some man outside of the castle
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