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The English poet Sir Walter Raleigh was not only a talented writer and poet, he was also an adventurer, soldier, prisoner, courtier, and scholar. He lived a very interesting life with many events in which he did many things and had lots of experience in many different subjects. This essay will tell you about many of the experiences of Walter Raleigh as an adventurer, soldier, prisoner, courtier, scholar and poet.

Walter Raleigh was born in the year 1552 in England. Even though this essay is focused on his life as a poet, he also had did many other things. Walter was mostly known as an adventurer. He was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth of England and she granted him a royal charter
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Many of his poems were either destroyed or unfinished. Only about 35 of his poems actually got published. His most famous and well-known poem was "What is Our Life", it was famous because it was interesting, creative, and very easy to understand. He usually wrote about actual events in his life. His favorite theme in poetry was the temporary state of all earthly things. He became a talented and well-known poet of the Renaissance because his poems were usually straightforward and easy to understand.

Sir Walter Raleigh was a very interesting man in my opinion. He was into many different subjects and had tons of experience as an adventurer, soldier, prisoner, courtier, scholar, and poet. He founded a colony, led an exhibition, fought in wars, was imprisoned, served as a courtier in the Royal Court, studied at Oxford, and created many unique poems. This is why I think Sir Walter Raleigh was a great and important poet that had lots of things to talk about.

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