Sir Walter Raleigh's Journey To Roanoke Colony

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Sir Walter Raleigh explored from England and started his own colony called Roanoke. He voyaged to Roanoke twice. The first time was in 1584 and the second one was in 1585. Both times he was there, Raleigh abandoned the land. Sir Walter Raleigh headed back to England to fight against the Spanish and that’s when he needed someone to help him with the colony in Roanoke. During that time in war, Raleigh had John White be the governor to take over the colony while Raleigh was doing other work in England. All of a sudden the colony has seemed to have disappeared and no one knows what really happened. We want to charge Sir Walter Raleigh with Criminally Negligent Homicide because he left his people to die, who didn’t know how to begin a new life in a new world.…show more content…
Originally the land was claimed and named Virginia for the Virgin Queen herself. The second voyage to Roanoke was intended for a military post for men but was then abandoned. So when Sir Richard Greenville arrived, he saw that the land was abandoned. Sir Walter Raleigh had other jobs to do in England so he had John White help out while Raleigh was in England. Men, women, and children were brought to Roanoke to start a colony there. Turns out they were able to live peacefully with the Native Americans there. John White reported back to England and wasn’t able to return until two years later. When White and Raleigh came back the only trace they found of the colony were two carvings on a tree. The Native Americans confessed that they attacked the colony. Sir Walter Raleigh is obviously guilty for Criminally Negligent Homicide because while he was in England, troubles with the colony didn’t end
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