Siren Song In The Odyssey

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There are sundry items emphasized in these three texts. Not only is the song and spell highlighted in “The Odyssey”, but also the challenge Odysseus and his crew had to face(Homer). “O Brother Where Art Thou?” discusses the women who sing the Siren song, the spell, and the disappearance of the men. The poem accentuates the Siren song (Atwood). Odysseus wanted to surrender to the captivating song of the Sirens, but the ropes hindered him. His men couldn't be inveigled because they had wax in their ears(Homer). Pete, Delmar, and Everett thought the women were seraphic, and they were willing to do anything they asked. Pete ended up disappearing, so his men didn't find him(“O Brother Where Art Thou?”). These actions were stressed so people
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