Siren Song Margaret Atwood Analysis

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Who you grow up to be, inspires what you will achieve. Margaret Atwood was very different from kids her age, she loved to write and explore the world rather than play with dolls. Her knowledge as she grew up helped her become a wise and profound writer. The way she lived and who she became because of how different her life was from other children’s made her want to achieve the most. Nature was one major thing that changed her life in a good way. Margaret Atwood 's family being involved in nature caused her interest to be discovered and later interpreted into poetry by impersonating humanity into society in “Siren Song.” Throughout Atwood’s life much of what she has experienced and who she has evolved to be is interpreted into writing that is mainly inspired by nature and the way society perceives women. Nature was a big part of Atwood 's life as she practically couldn’t escape from it. Atwood lived in the woods in Quebec most of her childhood (Athabasca University). She was isolated from the world so she decided to explore nature and learn more about it. Her parents both being scientist just added to her sudden love and natural phenomena. Nature made her realize her love for the world and it fueled her imagination. Without nature Atwood would have never had the imagination she did as a child and she would’ve never wanted to become a writer. At age six Atwood was writing morality plays, poems, comic books, and had even started a novel (Encyclopedia of world
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