Poem Analysis: Siren Song By Margaret Atwood

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Germaine cyulimpundu
Prof Len Diepeveen
English 1000
TA: Laura Bohnert Siren Song by Margaret Atwood
Siren Song by Margaret Atwood is a song that everyone wants to learn yet it comes knowing about the song comes with death. This paper will paraphrase the content of the poem by discussing the speaker, the audience, and explain the arguments of the poem. The paper will also address what the poem asserts and the structure used to develop the poem.
Paraphrase of the poem.
The poem uses diction that explain the dramatic situation of the poem. The speaker narrates that the song makes men “leap overboard in squadrons.” She goes farther ahead to explain that even though people may have listened to it, all those who listened to the song are died. The readers are invited to learn the secrets from the siren with the promise that they will get her out of the “bird suit.” The Siren claims that, she is fed up with being a siren and she admits that she does not like her looks that is “Picturesque and mythical.” She invites us to get closer so that we can learn her secrets. She says that since we are unique unlike them. She believes that we are the ones with
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She is exalted by “Homer found in the Odyssey.” They are half woman half bird creatures who lure the men into their death by singing sweet songs to them. By the use of the pronoun ‘you’, the speaker has directed her message straight to the audience. “Shall I tell you the secret and if I do, will you get me out of this bird suit?”.This shows how the speaker is directing her speech to the audience,ask them if she can tell them a secret so that they can help her to get out of the bird suit.We who live in the current society just learnt that the Sirens are super beautiful and sing so well that their songs can kill. The siren is a modern type siren with some attitude yet she speaks as normal human
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