Siren Song Poem

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The form of a poem tells a lot about its meaning. While analyzing the poem “Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood, the structure helps the readers bring deeper meaning to the poem and be able to feel like they are living in the plot. The most important form of this poem is the enjambment. The enjambment helps the readers move at a faster pace and to get to the ending faster. Along with the enjambment, Margaret Atwood did not apply a meter or any rhyme scheme to this poem. Not having these two aspects in the form of the poem is a very significant aspect. Not having these two forms, makes the poem seem more like reading a story rather than reading a poem. This is crucial to the meaning because it makes the readers seem as though they are a part of the…show more content…
When reading most poems, there is usually a meter but in this poem, “Siren Song”, there is no set meter present. Along with not having a meter, none of the lines in the poem rhyme with each other. Not having these two styles of poetry present, the readers see this poem as more of a story rather than a typical poem. This is essential to the meaning of the poem as a whole because it makes it feel as though the siren speaking is luring the readers into her trap more easily than if it were styled like a regular poem. Although these aspects are needed for a poem to be a poem, Atwood places poetry styles such as repetition to replace the poetry styles, rhymes and meter, that she has not included in her poem. She repeats the words “to you” (19,20) as well as “only you” (23) to bring out the aspect that the siren is speaking to us, the readers, which deepens the effect of her tempting us into her trap. The missing rhyme scheme and meter does not only bring out the repetition Atwood places in the poem but also makes her emphasis on enjambment more profound. Comparatively, the excessive enjambment as well as the lack of meter and rhyme deliver the effect of the poem being read like a story and accentuates the intensity and suspense to the meaning of the poem which is the deadly song the siren sings to lure in her
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