Sirleaf: 10 Characteristics Of Servant Leadership

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Sirleaf was an open and conscientious leader, a mix of a servant leader and an adaptive leader. Putting herself second and her people first have been how Sirleaf has led, working seven days a week and around 14 hours a day for her actions. Shows her people what courage and strength, and sacrifice is like. She chooses to return to Liberia even though she could have stayed in the USA working for the world bank. Instead she is lifting her people up to be better. She used her leadership to push her people to start believing in themselves and moving forward. She inspired her people, creating this vision of a better Liberia of women having a voice. Sirleaf showed Spears 10 characteristics of servant leadership. As a servant leader, she listens to those around her, she listens to the women who were protesting. She even went to West Point during the Ebola crisis and listened to the people problems. Showing her empathy, by wanting to help the workers at Firestone and even though she could not acquire better wages, she accomplishes receiving better working conditions and housing. Healing is the trait hardest to put on Sirleaf, but she did heal her community and began to heal woman 's relationship and the people 's trust in government. Awareness, she knew the problems she needed to fix and she worked to fix them. She also knew the country needed help, but too much help would create distrust so she discovered a balance. She was persuasive, convincing the United States to help during

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