Sisig Case Study

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The owners of Sisig sought to be the pioneer Filipino food company by providing unique and memorable customer experience to its clientele. The two individuals, Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo, focused on delivering innovative products and benefitting from a growing customer base. Specifically, being one of the food truck inventors in San Francisco, Senor Sisig had an obligation to revolutionize the sector (Kidera et al., 6). In fact, the decision to operate a unique operational model enabled the company to expand its services from one food truck to current three under its fleet. Through the provision of quality products, Senor Sisig has maximized its returns and continues to be the leading food truck establishment in the Bay Area. The enterprise’s success is attributed to innovative and unique strategies. What are the key success factors (KSF)/sources of success for a firm like Senor Sisig? How do these KSF influence how the company has chosen to position itself in the food truck industry?…show more content…
With the help of social media, the establishment has informed its clients of available products on the menu. In the process, a favorable relationship has been created between the company and its loyal clientele. For instance, the choice of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email services allowed Senor Sisig’s to gain a competitive advantage over rivals in the highly competitive food truck sector (Kidera et al., 8). Based on the corporation’s key success factor, Senor Sisig has established a conducive relationship with customers, as manifested in high expansion rates. Improved customer relations are the foundation for supplementing the establishment’s truck
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