Sissy Jupe Character Analysis

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Hard Times is a novel in which many difficult situations arise. In a city centered on facts, there is little room for imagination. The daughter of a circus performer, Sissy Jupe, wasn't favored for her whimsicality and heartfelt kindness towards others. Despite her “flaw” of living life by feeling, Sissy is an influential character that has a positive effect on the lives of those she cares for. Sissy is also a central figure in the events that unfold in the novel.
Sissy is a means to many a situation in this novel. After Louisa’s flight back to her father’s, she takes it upon herself to speak with the man responsible for Louisa’s troubles. She tells Mr. Harthouse – a man with seduction on his mind – “the only reparation that remains with you, is to leave here immediately and finally… I ask you to depart from this place to-night, under an obligation never to return to it” (175; bk. 3, ch. 2).
Sissy was
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When Louisa agreed to marry Bounderby to help her brother, Dickens describes Sissy looking at Louisa I wonder, pity, sorrow, and doubt. From then, Louisa became very cold and distant towards her dear friend and their relationship changed greatly. Even after Louisa’s failed marriage, Sissy stood by her. After nursing her back to health, Sissy tells Louisa, “I have always loved you, and have always wished that you should know it” (169; bk. 3, ch. 1).
Gradgrind is able to find a sort of reclamation as a person capable of feelings with Sissy’s help. By caring for his family, such as providing care and sitting at Mrs. Gradgrind’s beside while she died, and being a role model to Jane, she sets an example by caring for his family. She also helps Gradgrind see his mistakes in only teaching facts when he sees how distraught Louisa is at being unable to handle her emotions. “I had proved my – my system to myself, and I have rigidly administered it; and I must bear the responsibility of its failures (166, bk. 3, ch.
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