Sister Aloysius's Doubt

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Sometimes one might think they are doing the right thing despite everyone else telling them otherwise. This can easily be seen in Doubt, a play written by John Patrick Shanley. In this play, Sister Aloysius starts to suspect that Father Brendan Flynn is starting to become incredibly intimate with one of the students at the school though she has no evidence say that it is true or not. Based on what little evidence she had and her overall attitude towards his smaller habits, I believe that he is innocent and that Sister Aloysius is making a false claim.
First, it is show in the beginning of the paly that Sister Aloysius has a problem with all kinds of small issues. For one, she doesn’t like ballpoint pens. “I’m sorry I allowed even cartridge
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The biggest thing they will say is that no one really saw Father Flynn with Donald thus concluding they were along together. Sister Aloysius: “You help a private meeting with him at the rectory.” (Shanley 31) Since no one else saw them, there is no other witness to say what happened between the two of them. Though it can also be argued that since no one saw them, there is nothing to say that Father Flynn committed such an act with a child. The other big claim that could be made towards his guilt is that he left the school when Sister Aloysius stated that she called his old place of work. This could be stating that he ran because he was guilty, but if he was then chances are the bishop would have believed her and he wouldn’t have gotten a promotion. Sister Aloysius even stated at the end of it all that she had doubts. Sister Aloysius: “I have doubts! I have such doubts!” (Shanley 58) She is not sure if her own claims were the truth or not which leaves us to wonder if Father Flynn was innocent or guilty.
I believe that Father Flynn was falsely accused and never actually committed those kinds of acts with Donald Muller. With the lack of evidence and the small habits that can cause Sister Aloysius to dislike someone it is hard to believe that she actually had any reason to accuse him other than personal dislike towards Father Flynn. With no evidence nothing can be proved. As the
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