Sister Callista Roy's Theory Of The Adaptation Model Of Nursing

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Why is nursing theory important? Nursing theory provides the principles that define nursing practice as a whole. Studying past nursing theories helps present and future nurses further nursing knowledge. Nursing theories are based on beliefs of the proposing nurse and are most often widely disagreed upon, which causes some nursing theories to be dismissed. Contrarily, some have been observed as cornerstones and agreed upon by the masses in the nursing profession and accepted into practice by generations of nurses.
Most theories are just a problem solving approach. As a graduate student Sister Callista Roy was challenged by her professors to develop a conceptual model for nursing practice (Vera, 2014). Roy knew that including mental concepts into her framework meant that her model would have to be adaptable, in order to give each person individualized care based on their needs. Sister Callista Roy was a firm believer that nursing was a service to society which provided the ground work for her theory of the Adaptation Model of Nursing (Vera, 2014). She included family, education, religious background, mentors, and clinical experience as factors that influenced the development of the model.
Roy also used the nursing process as a blue print in her model. Phase one of her model assessed behavior it focused on gathering data about the behavior of the person. Phase two dealt with assessment of stimuli, Roy characterized internal and external stimuli into three categories
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