Sister Ismene Loyalty In Antigone

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Family is like an army; in an army there needs to be loyalty like how in a family there needs to be loyalty. A person should be more loyal to their family than to their state due to family being there for them, and they themselves should always be there for their family as well. Antigone is loyal to her family the entire time, unlike her sister Ismene, but in the end Ismene fixes her wrongs, and they are both there for one another other even when it comes to death. No one backs out and chooses the state; they choose each other, which is what family does. Antigone went to her sister Ismene for help to bury Polyneices body. Antigone was hoping that she could count on her “loyal” sister Ismene to help her be more loyal to Polyneices by burying his body, instead of being loyal to their state who was completely against burying him. “I will bury him; and if I…show more content…
Antigone gave Ismene an option of being loyal or being a traitor, and must have known that Ismene wasn’t going to be loyal. “ Now you can prove what you are: a true sister, or a traitor to your family” (Ml. Language of literature…). Antigone must have known Ismene wasn’t going to be loyal, or she wouldn’t have given her both options. Yet Antigone was still shocked with what Ismene answered with. “ I should not want you, even if you asked to come. You have made your choice; you can be what you want to be” (Ml. Language of literature…). When Ismene refused to help Antigone, Antigone was furious with Ismene’s betrayal and basically called her a traitor that she wanted nothing to do with, even though she most likely knew that Ismene was going to choose the state over her and their brother. Antigone was hoping her sister would choose family over the state, but Ismene didn’t and Antigone was still angry with her decision even though she must have know Ismene wasn’t going to choose her over the state, which was sort of

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