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The visit from Sister Lisa was very informative and interesting. She basically has the background story I would expect from a typical Sister. She was raised at a Catholic school and her life revolved around the church and school because her dad was a teacher at her school. However, Sister Lisa is anything but your typical Sister. She has always been big into sports and said that the hardest decision in becoming a Sister was giving up coaching. Thankfully, she did not have to part with this passion as she is now the assistant football kicker coach here at CSS. She has been featured on many different forms of media and if I remember correctly Good Morning America, which is viewed by millions of people every day. During this visit I learned many interesting things about Catholic Sisters and nuns. First, that the process of becoming a Sister or nun is rigorous. In this process Sisters must first become an affiliate which lasts about six months, this is not full time commitment and this is a sort of testing the water phase. Next they become a postulant at this point they receive an apron and a necklace. After this they become a novice, at this point they are called a Sister, receive a new necklace, and sometimes can choose a new name. As a novice the Sister must undergo a full year of uninterrupted intense study and internal reflection. After this…show more content…
I now know that there is a lengthy five year process, sometimes longer, that requires full dedication to the church in order to make sure the Sister truly wants this. I also was able to experience one of the prayer services that the Sisters attend three times a day, this was a unique experience. This assignment helped open my eyes to the once mysterious world of Sisters and nuns. I am thankful to be able to have these experiences and gain a richer understanding of my own

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