Sister Of My Heart And Vine Of Desire Analysis

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In the novel sister of my Heart and Vine of Desire, the writer has artistically portrayed the physical and psychological tensions and tortures to which women are subjected. She has created a new self-transformation and empowering image for women characters go through in the process of their growth. The twin novels Sister of my Heart and Vine of Desire explore the theme of love, friendship, self-transformation, assimilation self-analysis and discovery. It is also the tale of passion, jealousy and redemption. Her novels Sister of My Heart and The Vine of Desire focuses on the relationship between women but they also give a glimpse into the unavoidable and difficult circumstances where relationships are put to test under the fire of situational crisis and the way past comes to haunt the present lives of the characters and transforms their future course of action The novels…show more content…
―Two women who have traveled the vale of sorrow, and the baby who will save them, who has saved them already. Madonnas with child. (VOD 347) Novels delve into the psychology of the women, jealousies, doubt, mistrust and the way it leads to loneliness further leading into taking decisions to be self-independent. The novel The Vine of Desire brings out the pain of loss, twinge of separation and hurt of doubt and disbelief. Here the narrative voice keeps shifting from the voice of Sudha to third person narration. Epistolary techniques along with written assignments voice the innermost feelings of the characters. The decision of Sudha to return to India and lead life on her own terms, Sunil‘s step to finally go to India to perform the last rites of his father point at the two extremes. Sunil‘s decision is a positive affirmation of his identity but it also serves as a denial of one‘s desires and the way he is forced to succumb to the demands of
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