Sister Rose's Passion Film Analysis

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A long time ago, people who were Jewish had to face a crucial discrimination ever since others blamed them for killing Jesus. Nobody exactly knows what the truth was but believes in religion books where the elders’ deformed words of Judaism were recorded. Based on the “Sister Rose’s Passion” documentary, Rose Thering - a Roman Catholic Dominican Religious Sister - questioned this false belief towards the Jewish people and dreamed of a world without religious prejudice, wishing teachers to educate their students to make her dream a reality. No one, especially including the Jews, should be raced or hurt by any opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Throughout the movie, Sister Rose encourages everyone to “Be an Upstander, Not a Bystander” for the Jews.
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The most unbearable thing is that Christians, Catholics... were just “bystanders.” The reason why they were so irresponsible and did not take actions might be because of their prejudice against Jews - people think this bloody event as a punishment that the Jews deserve to have. Years after the Holocaust ended, the racism continued to spread in religious schools. In 1957, Rose was at Saint Louis University, a Catholic institution, where she found out that in the books which Catholics use to learn about themselves have a lot of ugly and frightening terms regarding Jews. Those terms including cruel and wicked, unclean dogs, children of the devil almost got Rose ill while studying. Until 1965, Pope Paul VI drafted the Nostra Aetate as a Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions of the Second Vatican Council. He prayed for forgiveness and stated that Christians cannot blame Jews. “It was our sins that Jesus chose to die
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