Sistine Chapel: Painting Analysis

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The photo on page 114 is a representation of the painting of “The Creation of Adam” of the Sistine Chapel 's ceiling with a chimpanzee in place of Adam. Due to this essay being formal, this photo is inappropriate as it presents a religious bias, it can offend religious people, and it only shows one perspective of the situation. The recreation of the painting, “The Creation of Adam”, on page 114 presents a bias that conflicts with the credibility of the essay. Formal essays should contain strong arguments without external influences. Influences such as religion, cause the content to be not as reasonable. As a result, the photo provokes the reader to question whether or not the essay is one-sided with points only supporting its bias. The photo should not have been included as it threatens the author 's credibility as a reliable source. Moreover, the photo on page 114 is a recreation of a religious painting of the…show more content…
Furthermore, the photo only shows one point of view of the issue. Regardless of if GAPA is passed, chimpanzees will not get a new life. They are constantly being poached. According to WWF, bushmeat has always been a primary food source in Central and West Africa, but in recent years poaching has become commercialized to satisfy the appetites of wealthy urban residents. Likewise, infant chimpanzees are frequently taken alive and sold in cities as pets. As a result, chimpanzee have already disappeared completely from four countries and are under tremendous pressure everywhere else they live. The photo should not have been included as it shows only one perspective of the situation and does not include the overall outlook for the chimpanzees. The photo on page 114 is inappropriate as it creates a lot of controversy. Not only does the photo present a religious bias that diminishes the credibility of the article, but it also may offend those who are religious. In addition, the photo only shows one perspective of the essay creating a bias towards one
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