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A hero by definition means someone who is admired, idealized for courage, or outstanding achievements. Sitting Bull who was a man that fits in all those categories was born in 1831 at Grand River. There are many heroes in this world, but Sitting Bull was viewed as a hero to many people. His inspiration against racism, helping his people in anyway he can, and the saving of many indian lives. Some people might see Sitting Bull as villain, but that depends on which point of view you take. One of the reason Sitting Bull was a hero was “As a young man, Sitting Bull became a leader of the Strong Heart warrior society and, later, a distinguished member of the Silent Eaters, a group concerned with tribal welfare.” The people in his tribe loved him because he was always there for them when they need him. He is know as the best leader in his tribe and was admired by many people during his time. Another reason is that “He hoped to teach the boy that he has become a friend of the Americans." He wanted his tribe to get along with the Americans so…show more content…
As a matter of fact, “Sitting Bull led thousands of Sioux and Cheyenne warriors against George Armstrong Custer's undermanned force, wiping out the American general.” This quote shows Sitting Bull as a hero because George Armstrong Custer was a person that massacred a whole tribe of innocent indians. If Sitting Bull did not kill him, there would have been more than just one massacre. The second reason that Sitting Bull was a hero was, “American government tabled the treaty and declared war on any native tribes that prevented it from taking over the land. When Sitting Bull refused to abide by these new conditions, the stage was set for confrontation.”Sitting Bull made sure that his fellow indians would not be pushed around. He did not want his people to go through the suffering like what the Cherokee nation went

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