Situation Analysis: Causes Of Special Education

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis Special education is specially designed to meet the needs of students who have disabilities which results from having a disability and to help them learn information and skills that other students are learning. This education is also offered to help parents of children with special needs. Special education includes special instruction in the classroom, at home, in hospitals, institutions or in other settings. More than 5 million students ages 6 to 21 receive special education and related services each year in the United States. In our country, students with special needs are mainstreamed in regular classes or in a full-time or part time as stated in the main goals of special education. Special children…show more content…
The student may feel overwhelmed and incapable of doing better, be influenced by peers, have a learning style that is not being accommodated in class, lack the ability to discipline himself to do the work, seek attention from parents or teachers, show gaps in attendance, or move frequently. Fortunately, depending on the cause of underachievement, it is possible to help an underachiever improve. Early intervention increases the possibility of improvement and may prevent the behavior from becoming a problem in adult life. Interventions include meeting the parents to discuss the problem and sharing ideas on how to help the child, counseling and tutoring the child, and exploring the possibility of a behavior modification plan targeting academics and on-task behavior (Longsdon, 2015). In his study, Pe-Nieve (2010) determined the level of effectiveness of the support services provided by the school, government agencies, NGO and other private organizations to parents of children with autism. Results showed that the school, government agencies, NGO, and others seldom provide support services to the parents. Also, school services are geared toward the students but not to…show more content…
These support services could help and assist children with learning difficulties and underachievers in their learning and in removing barriers to the good of the society. All people reach their full potential when provided support in some aspects of life. Figure 1 on page 6 presents the types of learning support services. Fig. 1. Types of Learning Support Services This research focused on how the learning support services or personal tutoring affects the learning performance of the Grade II-B pupils in DMMMSU - Elementary Laboratory School. It is hoped that through this research the schools, government agencies or other private service providers will realize that all children should be provided equal opportunities and learning support services to

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