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Situation Analysis The audience for this essay will be Professor Carrie Sample, instructor of my English 111 course, and my classmates in my Ivy Tech online course. The objective of my essay is to summarize, describe, and respond to one of multiple articles or videos that each student in my course read through. The articles/video my classmates and I read through pertained to food, but each article/video had their own differences and similarities. The topic of my essay revolves around Farmers’ markets and the fact that people shop at them thinking they are healthy for the environment, when in reality they are not. The author of the article I chose talks about how people who shop at farmers’ markets think they are saints, because they are “helping” the environment. I hope my summary and response will allow the…show more content…
There is no need for them to be locked up as birds in each flock are protected from predators 24 hours a day by their guard dogs. ( The author then goes on to talk about “Locavores”, which a people who basically think they are saints or “doing the lord’s work” by shopping at their local farmers’ markets. The author learned the term “Locavores through American blogger Stephen Budiansky. Overall, the author concludes that these people at farmers’ markets to feel better about themselves. I don’t agree with this at all, I think most people that shop at their local farmers’ markets do it, because it’s a healthier life choice for them and their families then the grocery store. As I have previously stated, the author went back and forth describing the way some people feel that they are saint because they shop at their local farmers’ markets. However, he tells us that just because you are supporting and leaving a “carbon footprint” that doesn’t quite mean you are doing good. The author
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