Situation Analysis For Reading

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Situation Analysis No one is born a reader nor no human being is born with reading skills. Man lives in a reading world where he is surrounded with letters and words. Undeniably, there is no single day that man does not read something such as street signs, signboards, handbills, billboards, reports, emails, news papers, magazines, text messages etc. When he walks down the street, he reads street signs and advertisements. When he orders in restaurants he reads menus. When he wants to know the issues happening in the country and throughout the world he reads newspapers. When he wants to know more about people, places, or things, he reads non-fiction books or magazines to get better information. When he studies, he has to do a lot of reading. As Carani (2015) highlighted that reading is fundamental in today’s society. Consequently, as with a person that knows nothing, he will not manage to live in the human society and achieve something in life. He will not have anything to share, and he probably will not even understand what people are sharing. Reading is the magic wand to the world of enlightenment and enjoyment. More often than not, many researchers and authors claimed that reading is an indispensable tool for living especially in this world of advancement and rapid change. The world is now in the “knowledge age” where the challenge of education is to prepare learners to deal with the challenges of the changing world. In a world of information and technology, reading has

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