Situation Analysis In English Grammar

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Situation Analysis Communication is a very important aspect in the everydayway of life of an individual. People communicate to express their feelings, to share and gather information and to socialize with other people.
One way to express feelings is through online means like chatting, video calls and the likes. Another way of communication is through letters and mails. Lastly, and the one considered to be very much part of social interaction is communication in a day-to-day conversation. All of the aforementioned would entail a good command of the English language, thus the need for Basic English Grammar strictly apply into it.
The English language is considered to be the ‘lingua franca’ and it is used by almost all people in the world. In order to become fluent in English, a person would need first to know the basic rules of the language, one of which is the English Grammar. Improving skill in English grammar will not only help people to create their sentences correctly but will also make it easier for them to develop their communication skills in both written and spoken English.
According to the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary first edition (2003), grammar is defined as the use of the rules on how words transform to create new sentences. Grammar, as a set of rules for choosing words and putting words together to make sense, plays a significant role in teaching English as a language because without grammar, there is no language. Also, it is difficult

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