Situation Analysis: Korean Drama

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis The world has a lot to offer, too many choices, too many genres to choose from. The world accommodates the greatest avenue for exchanging information, bargaining different products that giving us way to adopt other cultures, perspectives, ideas and information. As various things passes by on earth, the humanity learns to adopt what those things could offer. Humanity could easily be influence by different factors that come along their way. The world that we live in today is slowly infected by Korean dramas. The influences of it are quiet unstoppable and significantly reaching the shore of every sea across the world. It is undeniably shading the perspectives of its viewer, bridging the culture and people of two different races. The wave of Korean drama reaches the shore of Filipino awareness. K drama is influencing the thoughts, emotions and even the tangible aspects of the Filipino who watches K drama. K drama or Korean drama is the part of the phenomenon known as “Hallyu” or the Korean wave, in which all Korean things from television dramas to popular music to fashion are consumed by audiences all over the world. K drama is the counterpart of the local teleseryes which the Filipino used to watch every day; it is the new wave invading the world. More and more Filipinos are getting hooked in watching K dramas. It is undeniably seen in the consumptions of the viewers in three hundred sixty degree of the planet. The consumption

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