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Awareness is a product of knowledge representation, knowledge processing and monitoring[115]. There are several aspects to identify system awareness i.e. context awareness, situation awareness, and self-awareness. In this section, we argue that the systems frequently confront the dynamic situations. They always change overtime and an awareness of the situations, generally cannot be anticipated at design time, thus self-awareness is needed to recognize an actual situation during run-time operations. However, the systems could not be aware without understanding an actual situation what they are facing. It also could not understand a situation without context. This could be implied that context is a prerequisite for self-awareness.
Context is
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Given a situation as a set of relations with other objects, both the objects and their relationships change with both time and location. In a framework of cognitive situation modeling [99], situation awareness is a part of situation management that based upon the steps of sensing, perception, aimed towards building an understanding of a current operational situation. Situation modeling and reasoning can range from simple conditional rules to more complex techniques (cited). According to a conventional situation awareness model like Endsley’s model, situation awareness comprises of three stages: the perception of the observed entities in the environments, the comprehension of the current situation, and the projection of the future state[122]. BeAware [123] is one of situation awareness frameworks according to Endley’s model[124, 125] . It combines situation awareness core ontology with rule-based reasoning to define situation types from context information as the configuration for situation assessment. However, this framework aims at increasing an operator’s situation awareness particularly in spatial context, not yet real-time control. So, it could not support an update of temporal context in ontological knowledge

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