Situational Analysis In English Language

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Chapter I
Situational Analysis
Writing is an essential skill that a learner should master. It is also considered as the indicator toward the learners ' success in learning English and their future professional careers. But on the other hand, writing has been an alarming problem of the learners to their studies.
According to the idea of Kingston et al(2002) the performance of the learner in writing is the result of the learners ' achievement in learning English. Moreover, learners are more confident to use written form of communication in accessing information.
To support the idea of the importance of writing performance, Abbas(2007) expressed that English has changed due to the characteristics of 21st Century in terms of
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According to the, Philippines is on the second spot of the ranking due to the fact that Filipinos are good in speaking the English language. It might not be surprising due to the rich western culture that influenced us. This might be the effect of the early colonization of foreign countries, especially America. For most Filipinos, speaking the English language can be used in both academic perception and social status. Therefore, speaking the English language will benefit an individual and will put them at an advantage. In addition, Teledevelopment also stressed that educators must competently teach the learners the said language properly so that they will further understand it easily. Another thing is that, assessment and intervention should actually start with the teachers who will then impart it to the learners.
In Aringay National High School-Senior High School, writing skill of the learners is one of the reasons why they lag behind.
As an observation some of the Senior High School learners lack at their writing skills, both on English and Filipino subjects. Learners fail to observe the proper writing style. They are struggling with this basic skill but they demand to master it, knowing the fact that they have subjects that require writing such as Creative Writing, Creative Non-fiction, Reading and Writing, Pagsulat and so
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Hypothesis This study was guided by the following hypothesis:
1. Majority of respondent Grade 12 HUMSS learners are females whose ages are eighteen years old.
2. Writing subjects like Creative Writing, Creative Non-Fiction and Reading and Writing are identified as primary factors affecting the level of the respondents’ writing skills.
3. The respondent Grade 12 HUMSS learners have a satisfactory level of writing skills.
4. There is no significant relationship between the demographic profile of the learners and the factors that affect their writing skills.
5. There is no significant relationship between the factors that affect the writing skills of the learners and their level of writing skills.

Theoretical Framework
Repetition Theory. Writing skills can be improved by learning through repetition. If the teachers would be aware of the writing process this would help in teaching appropriate strategies and that would also improve the writing skills of the students. (Oberman&Kapka 2001).
Furthermore, these ideas suggest that through repetition the learners can improve their writing skills. And it must be also to the teachers that they should aware of the writing process, so that the learners failed to improve their writing
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