Situational Analysis Of Reading Comprehension

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Situational Analysis One of the problems that the world encounters is on reading skills, especially on comprehension. Many people are merely reading the text but not comprehending it, which leads to misunderstanding on what they are reading. According to (Boado, 2005) children often neglect to develop the basic skills of reading most needed in the world in which they live. Just imagine the problem of finding one’s way if one cannot read a street sign. Also the problem of taking the medicines properly if one cannot read instructions on the container. There is also a problem carrying a job if one cannot read application forms. Understanding the concept of the passage enables the reader to interact with the text in a meaningful and nice way.…show more content…
Repetition and seeing vocabulary words several times is also important. (www.national reading A student, who can read comprehensively, can also be successful in all his or her lessons. So it is important to student to learn how to read and to know the reading strategies. Instructors consequently have a very imperative part to play in helping their learners get most out of reading and become good readers. While teaching reading comprehensively, the teacher must keep in mind that their goal is to let the students understand what the authors meant. Reading is the key to enlightenment as it opens the doors to all discipline. Bond and Miles (1995) pointed out that almost everything that we do in school or in the home and in the farm, in business, in the professions and even in the recreational pursuits require us to read. Man’s greatest avenue to learning is through reading. All people great and small, have learned more things by reading. When someone endeavors to read, he has the opportunity to expand his mind tremendously since he is capable to review the pages of knowledge left by those who came before him…show more content…
This model can be thought of as a mind film made in one's heads, in light of the perusing content (Gunning, 1996). It means that in reading on of the signal of comprehension is imagination where new ideas, images or concepts of external objects can be form even it is not present to the senses. Along these lines, Grade 8 students can be great peruses on the chance that they will remain on track and make a more exact picture on their mind. The students relates the event or sequence in the story into his life and gives the students ideas on what he is reading and on how he can understand what he is reading. He create his own model in his mind that gives him better understanding about the

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