Situational Analysis: Self Concept And Self-Esteem

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situational Analysis Self- concept and self- esteem are two psychological terms that are very important and commonly used interchangeably because it is important to know on how we see yourself honestly and to like or at least accept yourself, and the internal barriers that keep you from doing your best to achieve success and happiness. Self -concept or self -image is the sum total of all the knowledge and information a person has of himself. It includes factors like your gender, name, personality, physical appearance, race, likes and dislikes, beliefs, values, social history, nationality, schooling, family, career, accomplishments, failures, skills and talents. The self-concept also includes what the person he thinks might become in the future and what he was like in the past oneself. It comes from the knowledge of oneself and what one believes others think of himself. Self- esteem on the other hand makes us something does good or bad, worthy or unworthy. It’s how you see yourself or how you know about yourself, sometimes called your self -evaluation. (MayBleeker, 2009). One’s self- concept is very general and changeable as we grow older their perception and uniqueness become much more organized, detailed and specific(Pastrorino&Doyle-Portillo, 2013). Self- concept also our beliefs about one’s own nature, unique, qualities, and typical behavior. Your self- concept is your mental picture of yourself. It is a collection of self- perceptions (

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