Situational Awareness In Nursing

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In the practice of medicine, the quality of care provided translates to the physical and emotional state of a patient. I have heard patients and their caregivers express the care they received in many ways ranging from “my husband is not a lab rat” to “thank you for making me feel like an individual and not just another patient on your list.” It is incredibility powerful what an interaction can do to the security a patient feels in themselves and healthcare providers.
An interaction I remember almost too vividly is a Jehovah 's Witness in heart failure whose religious beliefs stopped him from accepting a heart transplant. Walking into the patient’s room and reading his expression, it was noticeable that the patient was not only experiencing physical issues but was also experiencing emotional issues. He looked tired. He looked hopeless. At this moment the way the attending physician presented himself would be a crucial part of how the patient would heal.
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Learning from medical practice, I have put these skills into my life by applying them to my tutoring sessions. I have applied them by explaining concepts that may seem difficult to students and make them understandable to each individual’s unique style of learning. Also, I have practiced the concept of situational awareness. When having multiple students it is important to give them all equal opportunity and make sure they are not getting distracted. By being aware of their actions throughout the session, it places them all in a learning environment where the students and I work as a team to dissect and further analyze problems in their course. This is essential and relates to the medical practice because each patient is an individual with distinct life experiences and cultures. As a result, there must be the flexibility of being able to mold to their experiences and relate on a personal level to better explain their condition and address their problems in an effective and humanizing

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