Situational Influence

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1. One influence that is situational when being arrested lawfully is using holds and tying methods to prevent running, only if both lives are in danger. However, policies do not give instructions on how to use force but, leave judgement up to officers in certain cases how to use it. The judgement calls are now based on training techniques offered through the academy 's renewal programs for guns, emergency and off duty standards. In some cases, the policy and procedures cannot be adhered to in certain areas. A order must be followed to allow excessive force to being an end. A warning must be given until in handcuffs to hold down to spray, hit or use dogs to prevent further Injury to officers or suspect. Further training can have used to teach officers how not to be attacked or become the victim. Another situational influence is suicide by cop is where suspect volunteers to be shot by an officer. This influence can get attention from media that leads to a death televised but leave an officer devastated because of choice or their own suicide. Personal issue like ethnicity and emotional state of mind can hinder or use force because of complaints inside or outside authority confines. If citizen has had constant complaints with an officer or citizen. Another personal influence can be complaints about an officer 's performance in the office or a assigned area with citizens. A second person influence is abusing a position to get food, money or gain position they want to or not. Police…show more content…
2. I believe that personal and organizational influence because police officers could be tired physically or personally use force toward someone they don 't like. Physically officers could be also tried due to long hours on the job that may impair judgement or cause quick reaction. Secondly, an officer 's emotional state of mind could be impaired so, this can cause a collision of attitudes on and off the job. Organizational influence can be politics to cut down crime or gain
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