Situational Irony In Romeo And Juliet

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When the last heirs of two enemy households fall in love with each other their world will also fall apart. In the play, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, two star-crossed lovers meet and are convinced that they are soul mates. The only problem is that their families are star-crossed enemies, and to be together they must keep their love a secret. However, both Romeo’s and Juliet’s world are about to come to a very untimely end. After some very unfortunate events, Romeo and Juliet commit suicide to be together forever. Shakespeare increases the audience’s interest by using dramatic, situational, and verbal irony. Shakespeare presents situational irony to attract the reader and gain their attention. Romeo has fallen in love with Rosaline, a beautiful young girl; however Rosaline refuses to love him back. She is determined to live a life of posterity. In the instant Romeo sees Juliet he is convinced that she is his true love. Romeo blurts to himself, “‘Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight!/ For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night’”(1.5.57-58). Romeo had just been madly in love with Rosaline, but as soon as he sees Juliet it is love at first sight. The irony of this scene intrigues the audience because it keeps them guessing who Romeo is in love with more. What the audience most likely guessed is the opposite of what happens,…show more content…
Dramatic irony is used to emphasize the importance of that scene or part and to foreshadow for the next little detail. Verbal irony in the play to show the audience what the character’s will do to keep the truth from those who disagree with them. In Romeo and Juliet, situational irony is used in the play to show the contradiction throughout the play for the audience. The irony Shakespeare used through the play is to intensify key points and to make the plot
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