Situational Irony In The Chaser

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How would one act if they discovered a potion that could change their whole life instantaneously? The short story The Chaser discusses the effects of what just a few drops of a love potion could do to someone’s life and how it will be changed forever. The idea of having everlasting love is an interesting and scary topic but this potion is something that is even scarier and could ruin one’s life completely. The short story, The Chaser, deals with situational irony as it shown throughout the story that the main character, Alan, is oblivious to the reality of what a love potion will really do. This short story is about a man named Alan who believes that love is all he needs to be happy in life; so he goes to a man known of selling love potions which make one fall in love with someone forever no matter what happens. This love potion is supposed to make his…show more content…
Readers know that this special cleaning fluid is a poison to kill the victims who have consumed other potions. Alan, on the other hand, is still oblivious to the fact that the old man told him this cleaning fluid is a poison in which he may need if the results of the love potion are not what he desires. On page 199, the old man states that this cleaning fluid is “... quite imperceptible to any known method of autopsy,” (Collier 199). Alan at first understood what the old man meant but once the old man had changed his wording about this cleaning fluid, Alan became interested in the magical love potion once again. Another subtle hint that the old man gives to Alan is when he is leaving when he says “au revoir,” (Collier 202). Au revoir means goodbye until we meet again. The old man will be expecting Alan in the late future when he has finally saved up five thousand dollars for the special cleaning fluid and little does he know it will be waiting for
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