Situational Irony In The Necklace

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Appreciate what you have Have you ever been wounded at your parents, spouse, or anyone for not buying you “enough”, or for not having designer clothing, jewelry, and shoes in your close? In the story “The Necklace” by guy de Maupassant, gives a good lesson on how materialistic things don’t matter and how it can change your whole life. This story brings out the literary elements of situational irony, conflict, and theme. Both the conflict and irony helped exude the theme of “dissatisfaction is more than one problem. “ Conflict helped the theme stay relevant throughout the story, stating “she suffered intensely, feeling herself born for every delicacy and every luxury” (Maupassant). This quote is an example of internal conflict because it brings in Mathilde feelings. She wanted things that she couldn’t afford. It says that…show more content…
She then spent her husband’s money that he had saved for a new hunting gun. This is an example of both internal and external conflict because she cares of what others say about her and the way she dresses. Even though she already had plenty of dresses to wear, she wanted a new and expensive one. Her dissatisfaction was unbelievable, even after her husband had bought her the dress she wanted, she still felt disrupted. She told her husband that she “needed” a colossal stoned jewelry to wear and that if with without one she would of rather not go to the ball. That’s when the irony comes in and plays. After the ball, Mathilde found out that she misplaced the diamond necklace somehow because it was not on her neck. Situational irony is the resemblance in this scenario since she was having fun at the ball and now the necklace she had borrow was gone. Her dissatisfaction caused her to borrow the necklace making her life even more complicated. This lead to even a more horrible irony causing her to distance herself of her lifelong goal of having luxurious
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